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The process of flocking can be carried out on many surfaces and materials. First a suitable adhesive is applied to the surface to be flocked. The flock is then applied, penetrating the surface of the adhesive to create the desired velvet finish.

Electrostatic flock applicators charge the flock particles which are then attracted to the grounded surface that is to be flocked. Unlike puffer or blown application methods which merely sprinkle a flock layer onto the surface, electrostatic application ensures that the fibres all end up standing at right angles to the surface resulting in a velvet finish.

Electrostatic flocking is used extensively in the automotive industry for coating window rubbers, door cards, consoles, and dashboards. Rally cars usually have their dashes flocked to reduce reflections and to provide an as new finished to a modified dash.

Do not confuse a professionally flocked dash with a dash done by a low powered machine or puffer method.

Using suitable adhesives flock can be applied to an endless range of materials including plastic, metal, wood, rubber and fibreglass.